Photography Masterclass with Viking and Elouisa Georgiou*

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This was a gifted PR event whilst blogging with Tralisty. Originally posted 6/1/19.

A little while ago, I was invited to the Picture Perfect Photography Masterclass by Viking and Elouisa Georgiou and I have to admit that it was nothing like I expected.

I expected there to be a few photo props, lots of bright lights and a look like a typical blogger’s world. How wrong I was.

It was a real photography masterclass! First, we were given a cocktail (hello bellinis!) and then a presentation by Elouisa who gave us two tasks: prisms and LED lights.

With the help of a few other bloggers, Louisa and a couple of cocktails, it was the chance to get to know my camera and how to find the perfect angle (or learn to love the imperfections!).


The first task was to create some interesting images with prisms.

Now, I had no idea what I was doing, but I think I managed to create some interesting images.

Yep, that golden bar is a ceiling light!

Using a prism is so difficult! When you think that you’re going to get a gorgeous reflection like in a lake and you can end up with someone’s head chopped in half, it can get quite frustrating…

If you keep going and change the angle of the prism, then you can end up with some really interesting pictures.

We were also taught to use the black screen of our phones as a way of reflecting images and light but I just couldn’t work it out.

If you find a way of making it work, please share with me!

Using LED Lights

This was probably my favourite bit.

We were given a white board to reflect light and an LED light stick where you could mix your own colours with red, blue and yellow.

Ting from The Ting Thing setting up her table.

I was so lucky to meet two bloggers that I had been following for ages – Ting from The Ting Thing and Tash from TashPantz and they are just the nicest people! They even seemed to know what they were doing while I floundered around!

I really liked the pinkish light but I just couldn’t get a hang of it (can you see a theme here?!).

You can certainly see how much difference light makes to a good picture, and it’s so difficult to change colours once the picture is taken. This was taken with the pink light and changing the colours just ruins the picture.

This one was taken with a yellow-tinged light and I am in love with it! It looks so professional that I actually can’t believe that I took it.

Oh, and these are the gorgeous festive cocktails at Dirty Martini – definitely worth going back for next Christmas!

Sometimes, you don’t need a fancy light to make a pretty picture. You just need a simple light source and a good photo editor like LightRoom.

This picture was originally quite dark but simply pressing the ‘Auto’ button in LightRoom turned it into a golden glowing scene. I actually love it!

If you ever get the chance to do a photography masterclass, I really recommend doing it. I absolutely loved it!

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