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My First Heels Choreography Class

Heels choreography is booming in America, with the amazing Brinn Nicole and Nicole Kirkland empowering women with incredibly sexy dance routines, and all done in heels. After watching their YouTube videos, I knew that I had to find a class to try heels choreography for myself so I headed off to HeartWork Studios.

Then I found Heart Work Studios.

What is Heels Choreography?

It’s what it says on the tin really – choreography done in heels. Think moves like Beyonce and Yanis Marshal. Yes, the moves are quite sexual, but it is actually ridiculously empowering.

I consider myself to have the sex appeal of a dead duck and decided to chuck myself out of my comfort zone for my first class.

The Class

Firstly, we were taken through a quick warm-up and I genuinely thought I was about to have a heart attack. I am so unfit! We did some stretching and my body started to remember what it was like to move.

Music runs in my blood and the song chosen by Tanya (the instructor) was a slow R’n’B song by TK Kravitz, that sounded just like the old school jams. When I heard it, I felt my body move with the beat.

BUT when I saw the other girls in the class and started learning the heels choreography, I suddenly thought that I was out of my league. And yes I really was!

Feeling Empowered

I took my very sensible Clarks heels but they stayed firmly in my bags after seeing what the other girls were wearing.

As we got into the routine, I wasn’t feeling too confident. I changed some of the moves to fit my personality better (read: fewer butt wiggles and zero pouts) and I started to feel better about it all.

Tanya was amazing; she went over the bits people weren’t sure of, got the moves to the beat so it was easy to find where you were, and checked I was ok.

The Performances

Then came the performances. I was one of the first asked to go up with 3 other incredibly slim and sexy women in heels. I was in my sports leggings and a baggy vest top, slipping around in my grey trainer socks. Yep super sexy but I battled through!

Apparently, I didn’t do too badly!! One of the guy dancers gave me a high five and told me that I should do a solo, the girls around me said I was amazing, Tanya said she couldn’t believe that it was my first class!

Going Back to class?


I had SO much fun and felt so empowered after, especially with people saying I should do the solo at the end (even if I did mess it up and had to start again…).

If you want to see the sort of heels choreography you could learn in class, check out this video.


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