It’s Ok If… Blogger Edition

As bloggers, we’re so guilty of either hiding our lives away or oversharing (hello, over- sharer right here!) so I wanted to let you know that it’s ok if you do some of these things.

This amazing blogging journey is just that, a journey, and it’s unique to all of us. If we were all the same, it would be a very boring world, wouldn’t it?

It’s Ok If…

  • You buy stationery JUST because it’s rose gold
  • Or marble
  • Or pink
  • You power-write 4 posts, schedule them, then write nothing for a couple of weeks. We all need a break sometimes.
  • You lust over other blogger’s Instagram feeds, just remember that Instagram is often a highlight reel.
  • You can’t decide between the pinkish filter or the white filter. Why not alternate between them?
  • You buy trinkets because they’ll look good for the ‘gram
  • You stop everyone eating so you can take a photo first
  • You go all fangirl when you meet another blogger that you love
  • If you accept gifted items for the first year. Your blog is different from everyone else’s, you don’t have to follow their timeline.
  • If you don’t want to be a professional blogger.
  • You take a break from your blog. It will still be there when you choose to go back to it.
  • To be so nervous at an event that you forget to eat then have one too many cocktails. We’ve all been there, just grab some of those nibbles as they come round!
  • To email every single brand that you want to work with, just make sure it’s a good email.
  • To have a separate Instagram for those pictures that just don’t fit your feed.
  • To feel silly whilst taking pictures. You have the guts to put yourself out there and you should be proud!
  • To feel upset by a negative comment. Either ignore and block or say “thanks for the feedback” and move on. Keyboard warriors are only brave behind a computer.
  • You consider your blogging friends your actual friends. Some magical things can happen from online friendships!
  • You talk about your online friends as if they’re your ‘real’ friends.
  • You buy a dress/top/pair of earrings just because your fave blogger was wearing them. It’s also ok to never wear it again.

How many of these have you thought? It’s ok to want to fit into the ‘blogger mould’ but it’s also totally fine to want to stand out!

As bloggers, we can fall prey to blogger stereotypes; rose gold, marble, only going somewhere for The 'Gram. How many of these have you done?
Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

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