Hi everyone and welcome to This January Girl!

I’m Naomi, a 29-year-old trainee teacher from Birmingham who can often be found with a cuppa and a packet of strawberry laces next to her.

The Beginning

In 2012, I completed a degree in English and Creative Writing and then went on to study the Graduate Diploma in Law in 2013-14. I adored learning about the law, but my heart always came back to writing.

I started a blog (Tralisty) at the end of 2016 when I went to Australia on a Working Holiday and completely fell in love with blogging. Two years later, I rebranded to create This January Girl which opens a door into the life of an ordinary girl trying to create a life she loves.

January Collective

I decided to follow a dream of mine and start a clothing business alongside EVERYTHING else I’m doing in my life. If I don’t make moves towards my dream life, then who will?

January Collective is a brand which is centred around people who feel like they don’t ‘fit in’, and to help them stand out with statement clothes that they can style to fit their own style. It’s time for you to live out loud and I want to help you do that with empowering and motivational tees.

The Other Side of Life

I also have a day job that keeps me busy and stressed. I’m a trainee teacher working in an inner city secondary school, teaching English. The school is about 83% non-white which means I have a new found respect for the education that my Mum encouraged me to undertake.

The blog will include my life as a teacher, as well as everything I do to try and make January Collective a reality an how I balance (or struggle under the weight of) my two lives.