6 Things You Need In Your Business Book

Every entrepreneur needs a business book; whether it’s a fancy notebook from an entrepreneur-focused store or a bog standard notebook from Tesco, you need one. Mine is a notebook from Europa that I bought from Amazon to make notes for all of the texts I’d be teaching.

Necessary Pages

There are a few pages that you HAVE to have in your business book:

  • Your cover page
  • Brand colours and fonts
  • Discount plan
  • Email list topics
  • Social Media post ideas
  • Launch dates

Cover Page

This has the be the very first page you see when you open up your business book.

This is where you put the 3 key values of your business, along with your mission statement and your vision for the brand.

January Collective’s mission is to empower those who feel like they don’t fit in anywhere. The vision is to be the go-to company when customers want to remind themselves who they really are.

Values are a little different though. This are the core values that will shape your company and the staff you hire. A few of January Collective’s values are no judgement, even if it’s not our style, you’re family no matter who you are, and start with the little guy because you never know their potential.

Brand Colours and Fonts

If you’re anything like me, I can’t pick just one colour. I always loved green so found one on Canva and used that when I was starting the band kit, but I wanted January Collective to be colourful so I needed to find an image that called to me.

I found this pattern on Google and it just SANG to me. It’s fun, it’s bright, it’s bold and the colours make sense.

I took the picture and uploaded it to Canva’s Colour Palette and it picked out the 5 main colours in the picture. These then because my brand colours.

Make sure you write down the Hex Codes so you can use them on everything you make.

Fonts are exactly the same. Head over to Pinterest and search ‘Canva font pairings’ and you’ll find some awesome fonts. I recommend having one script and one standard so you can mix them together and create a fun graphic.

Discount Plans

When you’re starting a business, you need to decide if you’re going to offer discounts and when. The common times for discounts are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you might want to do more.

I also want to offer discounts throughout the year for a few important events and for certain customers:

  • Small Business Saturday on 5th December 2020
  • Customers from TikTok
  • My birthday in January

Email List Topics

It’s unavoidable but you have to build an email list. Customers will buy from you and may forget about you, but you can keep in touch every so often, bringing the news to their phone or laptop.

A few topic ideas could be:

  • Welcome email
  • Monthly news from Headquarters
  • Seasonal Launches
  • Competitions

Your email list is yours, so it can be anything you like! Fill it with motivational quotes, or have it be a place where you can share amazing things you’ve found recently. It’s up to you!

Social Media Post Ideas

If your business book doesn’t have a page of social media ideas, then you’re letting those great ideas fly away. As much as we hate being glued to our phones, our customers are scrolling away at every opportunity. That means that we need to be there when they are.

I have a page of TikTok ideas that I’d like to do, quotes to put on Instagram, and photo ideas for my products… I keep the business book with me everywhere I go and jot down my ideas because it might not be perfect now, but it’ll be perfect in a few months.

Launch Dates

Launch day. It’ll creep up on you until it smacks you in the face and you’re not ready for it, so make a list of launch dates in your business book so you don’t have to scrabble around to be ready.

The launches that I focus on are Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas, but I’m also going to be selling charity shirts in May so I need to make sure I’m ready for it.

I plan to start all my pre-launch media posts 7 days before the launch and the products will be available for 4 weeks so I find those dates and write them down so they don’t sneak up on me. Valentine’s is the next thing I’m getting ready for so pre-launch goes live on 7th January and then the products will be available from 14th January on the site.

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