Welcome To This January Girl

You may have come over here expecting to see Tralisty and got all confused when you were redirected to This January Girl.

Don’t worry! You’re in the right place! We’ve just had a re-brand, that’s all.

Why The Change?

Tralisty simply didn’t fit anymore. I wasn’t travelling and was planning on settling down and creating a life for myself.

I also wanted to expand it into a business and give it a fresh start. There are 4 ‘branches’ to This January Girl so let me introduce you.

This January Girl

This January Girl is the blogging arm of the business. It will fall under the lifestyle umbrella but will always be focused on the affordable bits of life. You won’t find me recommending The Ritz for a romantic getaway (hello, single Pringle here!) and I won’t be saying that a Givenchy bag is an absolute bargain. It’s not. Although, if anyone fancies taking me The Ritz and buying me a Givenchy bag, I won’t say no…

On the blog, you’ll find independent businesses, high street stores and hidden gems. You’ll also find much-loved companies (Makeup Revolution, I’m looking at you…) and some that you probably wouldn’t have thought to look at.

I’m going to be completely transparent with items that were gifted or sponsored, just like on Tralisty, so you can continue to trust the blog.

This January Girl will also be accepting guest posts from a select few, so if you think that your idea would be perfect for This January Girl and the readers, then email writers@thisjanuarygirl.com and let’s hear it!

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January Media

January Media is where you go for all of your boring admin tasks.

Need your new ebook to be checked by a fresh eye? Or your interviews to be typed up? Then January Media is the first place you should be looking.

With packages created for bloggers, you’ll find one that fits your needs, or we can work together to build your own.

January Media offers proofreading and audio typing specifically to smaller businesses and bloggers to keep it personal. No one wants to be talking to a faceless icon on a computer screen!

If you have something that you want to be checked or a speech that you want to be typed up, then email media@thisjanuarygirl.com and let’s create a package perfect for your needs.

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January Events

This is where you get to meet people who will share your interests in circumstances that you may not have thought of before.

January Events focuses on blogger meetups, co-working and skill sharing. Are you a logo whiz or someone who designs websites? January Events will bring you together with people who need the services that you’re offering.

Fancy being on the guest list for one of our events? Fill in this form and you’ll be added to the list. Those on the list are the first to know about meetups and gathering so you’ll always be in the loop.

If you’re a venue or company that would like to be involved, please email events@thisjanuarygirl.com so we can create an amazing event together.

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The Bujo Box

That’s right! The Bujo Box is back in full swing!

With a limited number of designs, each box has everything you could possibly need. We’re also running Masterclasses in various locations to help you on your way.

Whether you’re a beginner or a brush pen enthusiast, there will be something for you at The Bujo Box.

You have to be quick though, there are a limited number of spaces at the Masterclasses and a limited number of each journal design – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Think you have the perfect item for The Bujo Box? Email sales@thebujobox and let’s get creative.

Don’t think that you have to be creative either! The Bujo Box can create a bespoke box just for your item! Let’s create something magical.

Find The Bujo Box HERE and on Instagram

I’m SO excited for you to see what I’ve got planned so come on over to social media and see what’s happening!

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