The Big Dreams I haven’t Shared

Seeing as it’s my 30th birthday today, I wanted to really look at my life and see if it’s something I was obsessed with. The answer to that is no, but it’s getting there… These are the big dreams that I haven’t shared before.

The Home

I want my own place, and this is almost a reality. My aunty left me some inheritance to get onto the property ladder and, while I’m still waiting for it, it has meant that I’ve been able to put an offer on a flat.

The location feels like a suburb, even though it’s only 10 minutes walk to the shops, and there is the most beautiful grassy area and forest walk that runs alongside the building. It’ll be perfect for the cat that is coming with the flat. That sounds like the seller is throwing in a cat! She’s not!!

I had a deal with my sister that she’d get me a cat when I move into my own place, so we’ll go to the rescue centre and get the kitty that’s been there the longest. I want to give it a home and all the love that it could need.

The Job

Again, I’m almost there with this. I’m a trainee teacher and I love it. Even the classes where the kids look at me blankly because they have no idea what I’m talking about.

I wake up every day, excited about seeing the kids and sharing how much I love books, and hopefully passing a bit of that love on to them. COVID hasn’t helped with this bit though. I’ll have only taught in a classroom for a couple of months before I get my qualification because we’ve been in lockdown and teaching online. This is a huge worry because they might make the decision to extend it to two years of teaching before getting the QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). Either way, I love the kids I’m teaching, and I love everyday.

The Side Hustle

I’ve always wanted to create my own t-shirts because stores follow trends. I don’t want a t-shirt that says #blessed because that’s not something I’d say.

I want the Defence Against The Dark Arts teachers, the Bennett sisters and slogans that remind me to be a badass. I created January Collective because I wanted to be able to offer the same things to the other weirdos who don’t fit in.

Let me tell you it is TOUGH! Those people you see on social who are surrounded by parcels? They’ve worked SO hard to get there, and it can be really disheartening sometimes. I know that I can stay determined and make it work, eventually having the products stored somewhere that can print the products too so it’s the best quality it can be.

The Freedom

This is where I have to work out a plan. I want the freedom to do whatever I want, when I want, without worrying about finances.

I want to be able to book a holiday to Sydney and still be able to do what I love. I want to be able to go shopping without being worried that my card will be declined, and I want to be in complete control of that money. I basically just want to be able to live.

So What’s the Plan, Stan?

NO IDEA!! You know when you can see your future but you have no idea how to get there? Yep, I’m at that stage of my life right now. Not a clue how to get there, but determined to find a way.

Social media is HUGE right now and managers are even bigger. I love working with people, I love creating things, I just hate taking photos of myself. I could never be an influencer because I hate being in front of things. I’m the person at the back who’s planned everything to go off perfectly. I know, teaching is standing in front of kids all day, but it’s not the same. They come to school and have an English lesson with that crazy teacher who does accents and just happen to learn stuff because I love it.

I started my TEFL qualification a couple of years ago so I want to finish that. If there was a way of combining travelling with social media management and teaching, I would jump at it. Maybe there is…


I heard this term a few years ago; it means to have many different passions and are called to different things at once. This is why I’ve thrived in all of the jobs I’ve had, but never felt completely fulfilled.

If I can create a life with all of my different passions, that would be an absolute dream. My kitty could travel with me while I manage social media and teach. What a life that would be, huh?

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