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Easy Tips To Help Improve Your Sleep

My sleep pattern is RUBBISH. I know how a bad night’s sleep affects me and I know what I’m doing that affects my sleep. Here, I’m going to share my night-time routine to help you sleep better.

Sleep Hygiene

Ok, this is a weird name to call it, but that’s what psychologists call it. It’s all about the habits you have that can affect your sleep pattern.

Have a think about these things:

  • Do you take ages to fall asleep?
  • Do you feel like you’ve hardly slept?
  • Do you toss and turn in your sleep?
  • Do you find it difficult to get up in the morning?

I used to get into bed, struggle to fall asleep and then wake up feeling worse. This is how I changed my night-time routine.

Small Changes

Turn Off Netflix

The biggest thing that I changed was turning off the film. I can’t sleep without some sort of noise. The quiet gives my brain time to think about all the embarrassing things that I did 12 years ago (I know that you do this too…) so I put on Netflix to have noise in the background.

I decided to switch to an audiobook instead. Why? The lights from the computer screen can still get into your eyes even when they’re closed and it keeps your brain active.

Having just a noise can help your brain focus on the noise and feel relaxed enough to switch off. There’s nothing else for it to think about!

Stop Playing Games On My Phone

I am THE WORST for games on my phone; I even have a folder of them on my iPhone. They’re rubbish games too that just help pass the time.

I got into the habit of getting into bed and playing a few games of Wordscapes to make sure that I got my bonus and struggle to get to sleep. This is because my brain is now active from figuring out the puzzles. I can even still see puzzles in my mind’s eye.

Switch To Decaf

I love a cup of tea, I also love a cup of coffee, but all the caffeine is not good for my sleep!

Some people say that you shouldn’t drink caffeine for 4-6 hours before bed but that’s just not realistic for me! I switch to decaf around 7 pm, so I still have my cuppa but none of the caffeine!

Keep A Journal Nearby

My brain will go over scenarios that will never happen, or that happened that day or even something that happened years ago! It’s so annoying!

But the way I combat this is by keeping a notebook or journal nearby. When I find that I just can’t switch off, I write it all out in my journal. I find that getting it out of my brain and onto paper really helps.

If you’re using a lamp for light, don’t forget to angle it away from you – we’re trying to limit the amount of light you get!

Wear A FitBit or Sleep Tracker

My FitBit has really helped me understand my sleep. It tells me when I went to sleep, how often I stirred in the night and when I woke up.

It can show your sleep pattern which in itself can help you sleep better. You can change a little bit of your nighttime routine and see how it affected your sleep. There are so many cool apps that can help track your sleep. There are even ones that record you so you can hear when you snore and when you talk!

Sleep results

I know that when I slip out of my routine that I’ll have a rubbish night’s sleep, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still do it occasionally.

On a Friday or Saturday night, I watch a film or play on my phone and I know that it’ll affect my sleep. Occasionally doesn’t throw everything off and it doesn’t ruin all your hard work, so don’t worry if you slip up.

What do you do at night to make sure that you get a good night’s sleep?

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