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My Favourite Songs of All Time

There are some songs that you love to listen to, and there are some songs that you just NEED in your life. Your all time favourite songs, if you will.

If you shuffle my ‘Liked’ songs on Spotify, you’ll either think that I’m a madwoman or a musical splat (you know when you splat paint and it goes everywhere?). I wanted to share my all time favourite songs with you.

Girl Power

These are my go-to Girl Power songs because I just feel like a badass when I listen to them. Warning 16 Shots has a few naughty words in so don’t listen to it with children around!


I have my own Gangsta Lean playlist of my favourite songs to drive to. Think Cardi B, Busta Rhymes and Twista. I definitely wouldn’t listen to these in front of your parents!!


There are some songs that you will jump about to, regardless of how old they are! Some people call them guilty pleasures but I will never feel guilty about loving these.

What are your favourite songs ever? Let me know so I can check them out!

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