A family of 5 are pulling funny faces.

A-Z of This January Girl

It’s easy to get lost in the serious side of blogging; wanting to create engaging posts and add value to the readers, but sometimes you just have to do a ‘get to know me’ type of post. So here it is – the A-Z of This January Girl


I’m an aunty to 4 gorgeous little humans. M is 12, I is 8, W is 6 and N is 4. They are my absolute world (even if they use all my washi tape!)


I started my first blog back in February 2017 (I can’t believe it was so long ago!!) and it’s absolutely changed my life. I’ve met some amazing people including Tracey, Nici and Lucy. Lucy may still be in Australia, but she’s still a constant inspiration to me.


I would have custard for every meal if I could. Apple crumble, chocolate concrete, bananas… anything really. It’s such a comforting food and I have a real sweet tooth!


I always say that I can’t dance, but I started going to heels choreography class at HeartWorks in Birmingham and it is SO much fun! It’s like a different person appears when I put those heels on and start learning a new dance.


If you knew me in my Tralisty days, you’ll know that I shared my struggle with eating disorders. I’m almost 29 and it’s getting so much easier to ignore those voices that tell me not to eat. Food is delicious and you deserve to enjoy it. As long as you’re making sensible choices, eat whatever you want!


Ok, this is technically in with Aunty but I’m also a sister and my family are super annoying but I wouldn’t change them.

A family of 5 are pulling funny faces.


I am the Queen of Grey (ok slight exaggeration) but my entire wardrobe is made of grey. My first blog was called Nine Shades of Grey because I wanted to show that it’s ok to not like pink, but 50 Shades ruined it for me.


I don’t get to go on holiday much but my most memorable one was Antigua. Two weeks in an All-Inclusive hotel, trying all sorts of different food and snorkelling with stingrays, but I also met an aunt who I didn’t know existed.

My next holiday is going to be a solo trip to get myself super relaxed.

Ice cream

If you want to buy me ice cream, make sure it’s a salted caramel one. When we went to visit my Grandad in Middlesbrough, we would always get a lemon top. It’s something so small but it means such a lot.


Oh yes, this is a big one. I grew up wanting what everyone else had; a bigger house, a two-parent family, to be thinner, to have straight hair… It wasn’t until recently that I realised that I have everything that I need.


I was a karaoke host when I was younger and I blooming loved it! I worked in an 80s bar and was in charge of the booth; trying to get customers if we were quiet, making sure they were buying drinks, and even giving the session a little kick start. I sing a little bit of Valerie and the group would be ready to party!

I’m still a HUGE fan of karaoke and Valerie is still my go-to song.

Law School

I have a Post-Grad Diploma in Law (called the GDL) and it was legit the hardest year I’ve gone through. Life happened at the same time and it was so blooming tricky, but I only had to do 1 re-sit. I am insanely proud of myself and it’ll always be there to prove what I can achieve, even when life throws everything at me.


I know that people say that they love music, but it’s something that has truly saved my life. If I was going through a tough time, there was a song that knew exactly what I was feeling. I have the treble clef tattooed on the inside of my wrist and it’s a reminder that someone else knows how I’m feeling.


I can’t be the only person that sits on their bed for a second and wakes up three hours later, right? I love a good nap and the weekends are truly for napping.

Onwards and Upwards

I have had some shit throughout my life and I just keep moving onwards and upwards. When one thing didn’t work, I tried something else and moved forward. When I was unemployed, I started January Events and January Media where I would hold blogger meet ups and proofread posts. I got a job and both of those had to be put in a little box.


I am not the greatest at photography, but do you know what I am good at? Trying. Sometimes. I get those moments where I think “I’m not good enough” and my camera goes back on the shelf, but I always pick it back up again to try again.

Q is for…?

Who even knows what Q can stand for. Queen, queasy, quidditch? Just accept the random words. Thanks!


I did an English Lit and Creative Writing degree at uni which meant the I read a new book every week. Since graduating in 2012, I haven’t read as many books as I would’ve hoped, but that’s ok! The books will still be on the shelf waiting for me.


I’m such a stationery lover that I even started a business around it! The Bujo Box is something that I want to share with everyone, but it’s a passion, not my money maker. I will sit with my pens and scribble in my journal until my eyes start to droop. If you ever fancy buying me a present, a pen will do!

The Bujo Box

I couldn’t do a list like this without The Bujo Box having its own entry. I love it and it’s my baby but I’m happy for it to sit in the corner of my life until I have a moment to devote some time to it.

Understanding Myself

You’re gosh darn right that I’m putting this in here! I’ve spent 28 years not knowing who I am or what I want to do, and I’ve recently started to understand myself. I react the way I do because of a certain reason, or I love doing what I do because of how it makes me feel.


I used to play the violin but I gave up when I was about 12. I was working on Grade 3 but was forced into the school orchestra and they were TERRIBLE! I’m not even exaggerating. It was painful to be associated with them so I quit something that I loved. Mum bought me a violin a few years ago and it’s still one of my favourite possessions.


What a surprise… writing is featured in this list. Like I said, I did Creative Writing at uni and it’s what brings joy to my soul. If I could sit and write with no objective, I’d be super happy.


I’ve lost count of how many xrays I’ve had during my life. I’ve broken so many bones: both wrists twice, almost all of my fingers, slipped a disc in my back, ripped my knee and my ankle, broke my foot and broke a toe… A little injury prone, you could say!


When I say yes, I try to make sure that it’s something that will help me in some way – will it help me heal, or grow, or bring me joy? I am such a people pleaser though so it can be tough.


Taronga Zoo to be specific. I spent a few months in Sydney and went to Taronga Zoo for the day and there was something magical about it. I looked at animals and could see the Sydney skyline behind them and it hit me that I was living in a city on the other side of the world. I’d achieved one of my goals and I couldn’t help but smile at how far I’d come.

Did you enjoy this post? What’s on your A-Z?

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