30+ Ways To Date Yourself

When you’re a single pringle like me, it’s important to date yourself. I know, you might be thinking “what is she talking about?” but hear me out here. Why should you miss out on the latest movie or a delicious dinner just because you haven’t got a “special someone” to share it with?

I’ve been single since 2013 (with a few disastrous dates here and there!) and I make a point of dating myself as often as I can. You should too. Dating yourself gives you a chance to explore what you like to do, and lets you feel comfortable being alone. When you feel like you’re depending on someone else to make you happy, you’re letting go of control. You’re letting someone else be in charge of your happiness.

Here are some ideas so you can date yourself and find what makes you happy in the process.

Ideas to Date Yourself

  • Go to the cinema
  • Go for a walk in the park
  • Cook dinner for one
  • Buy your favourite pudding and eat it in front of your favourite film
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Buy yourself a fancy bottle of wine
  • Take yourself for brunch (WITH mimosas!)
  • Take yourself to the theatre
  • Head to the museum (the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery have some gorgeous pieces)
  • Have a spa day
  • Stay in a nice hotel
  • Do a fun course. Painting, bullet journaling, cooking… The choice is yours!
  • Have a fancy bath
  • Shopping spree in a budget store! If everything is £1 then you can go wild.
  • Go for a long drive
  • Blast your favourite music and sing out loud
  • Go on an imaginary shopping trip. Go to an expensive department store and find all the things you’d buy if you were a billionaire
  • Do an imaginary house haul. I love going to Ikea and finding stuff for my imaginary house.
  • Watch YouTube videos of silly things. Pandas sneezing, anyone?
  • People watch in a cafe
  • Order your favourite takeaway
  • Grab a cheap bus or train ticket and JUST GO
  • Take yourself on a treasure hunt around your city. Pokemon Go also allowed.
  • Sit on the beach and listen to the waves
  • Sit on a swing. Just sit, resting your head against the chain and letting your brain go still.
  • Spend 24 hours off the grid somewhere beautiful
  • Affirmations in the mirror! Who needs other people when you can compliment yourself?
  • Create an inspiration board with old magazines
  • Look back at old photos and truly feel that moment
  • Sit on a bench and listen to a random podcast.
  • Read your favourite childhood book (my favourite is The Special Swap)
  • Take a couple of selfies
  • Get all dressed up just to eat takeaway.
  • Find a new perfume

How often do you date yourself? I’d love to hear your favourite dating ideas and what you’ve learned from dating yourself.


  • Danielle 14/08/2019 at 8:52 pm

    I love these – I hate that doing some things alone is seen as strange! Why should it be weird to go to the cinema alone?! Big fan of a single date at a museum too, can spend however long you want there ha!

    • Naomi 15/08/2019 at 12:05 pm

      I love a single date at the museum!! I’m such a nerd that I just want to sit in front of my favourite paintings

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