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200 Degrees Coffee – Birmingham *

25/08/2019 No Comments
I was invited to attend the Press Launch event by Jennie Holland PR

If you like covfefe (has anyone worked out what he meant yet??) then you need to head to 200 Degrees Coffee’s new shop on Lower Temple Street.

Full disclosure – I was invited by Jennie Holland PR but have no obligation to post this. I couldn’t keep this place a secret though!

As soon as I walked in, I could smell the most amazing coffee (duh) but there were two separate areas: one where the food is, one where the coffee is made. No more waiting in a queue behind that one person who seems to be ordering food for the world and its dog.

They also offer drip coffee which is so satisfying to watch (and ridiculously aesthetic with rose gold accents everywhere…) and is actually delicious. I’m a rubbish coffee drinker; give me milk and a dash of coffee (or the dreaded instant coffee granules!) and I’m a happy bunny, but there’s something delicious in this coffee that I just can’t put my finger on.

Feed Me

I was so lucky that we could order a drink and food for free and I can never say no to a cake or a smoothie, so I asked for the pineapple and mango smoothie as a slice of their Rocky Road.

Hold the door, shut the phone, call the Pope and all those other mixed up expressions. The Rocky Road had bits of honeycomb in it, I swear. You know when you first take a bite of something and it is so incredible that your body kinda deflates and your face looks like it’s melting?? That’s exactly what happened when I first tasted it. Immense.

My life feels empty if I don’t have a fruit smoothie every couple of months (yes even in the winter) and this one didn’t disappoint! Served with a metal straw (save the fishies!!) and chunks of fruit, you just know that it’s going to make you do a little happy dance. I did a happy dance.

Take A Seat

I am in love with this place, I’m even going to organise a January Events coffee thin here next year, but one thing I’m a little unsure about is the spacing in the downstairs bit. There’s an awesome table with about 8 stools around it, but it can mean that it’s a bit tricky to get past.

I reckon they could lose a table, push the big one back and it would be perfect, but hey! I’m not a space planner (I don’t even know who would do it but you know what I mean!).

200 Degrees Coffee Conclusion

Quite simply, get your butt down to the new store on Lower Temple Street because you’ll regret it if you don’t. It’s super cosy, had loads of places to charge your phone and plug in your laptop and the food is delicious.

And yes, I did type this as I was sat in 200 Degrees, melting into my Rocky Road and fruit smoothie!

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